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Gourd Art Creations
by Sylvia Marson

Welcome to my gallery of unique gourd art creations. I was introduced to gourd decoration in 2002 and now Iím hooked. Creating gourd art is fulfilling in many ways. Working with plants and natural embellishments makes wonderful, earth-friendly art. Occasionally I spray a gourd with acrylic or paint, but usually I try to use water base paints, varnish & wax. My goal is to use less toxic products to keep the gourds as natural as possible, while creating something special. A special thanks to my friend Mary for creating and designing such a lovely website. Hope you enjoy all the photos.


Click on gallery links below to view my work.   Enjoy.

Gallery 1 - Recent Work

Gallery 2 - Past Work

Gallery 3 - More Past Work
Costa Mesa, CA